Friday, March 30, 2007

Must keep the Faith!

Hey there...

Once's been a while. I don't actually keep the count of how many people are actually reading some of these, but I've taken a good look on the last date of my blog and yes, my last entry was on February 13th. Now that's a lot of time, "blogly speaking"! :)

This period has been anything but quiet. A lot of things have happened, life has followed its course and I find myself a little confused. I just don't seem to know the path anymore...

School's ok for now, I've managed to solve a few exams and it's only a matter of time before the next fight is on. Good news is that I only need 4-5 exams to be able to pass into the final year of study. Bad news is I don't really know how I'm gonna manage to graduate from this school if I keep working the way I work now. I must think about an alternative, I've invested far too much in this to drop it.

About the band? Hmmm, I don't know, the guys have mobilized themselves in an attempt to reunite last week, but we've failed to record any progress. We're stuck with the same songs, over and over again. Yet, there's good news here too: a friend of mine from Oradea has kindly invited us to play at a festival in July. I'm thrilled at the thought that we're actually gonna perform on a real stage, in front of total strangers (ok, maybe not all of them, I've got many friends in Oradea, to be honest), but the problem is we need to make our own songs now. That was the first requirement, and we're gonna prioritize this task in the future. Moreover, now that Tommy is back, we are all set to go. One final consideration in this matter - we definitely need a drummer, and fast!

The problem is that I dream too much, and fail to see the present. I can't read a book, got no more patience to do that, and that's a problem. I know I must progress, I must make things change in me and around me, but I can't seem to find the strength to actually make it happen. I shall keep working on that and praying to God to give me the power to make one step after another.

My feelings are confusing, too. But I don't wanna talk about that now.

HOPE - it's the most important thing, after FAITH. I shall keep them both close to my heart, hoping that LOVE would join them soon enough.

Aştept primăvara:vreau să fiu dus de un pluton suav

la primul zid şi împuşcat cu muguri

şi când voi muri să-mi înflorească toate rănile,

să vină toate albinele la rănile mele

şi să mă transporte pe aripi

către tărâmul de polen unde merită să ajungcu flori cu tot,

cu tristeţe cu tot,

cu primăvară cu tot,

acum şi-n veacul vecilor

(Adrian Paunescu - "Pluton")

Peace&Love to You All!
Razvan / WOLF

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