Monday, May 07, 2007

Five years...

Good evening,
Well, well, I'm a little more active lately, isn't it? True that! I feel that my life's been changing plenty during the last three weeks, and things ARE going for the better. Thank God for that!

My last two posts have been in direct connection with my love life. My girl's been away, but now she's back, and hapiness is the strongest sensation I'm experiencing right now. But I wonder - is this the price of happiness? I mean, 5 years of pain and broken vows, mingled with brief moments of exultation and pure, unconditionned love, is this the way to happiness? In order to find peace and happiness, do you need to say and do things that you will eventually find as wrong or even worse? Does making your beloved hurt like hell take you to a better place for your love? Does sending her or him away grant you that she or he will find the way back to you and your love shall be fulfilled?

Let me tell you something - DON'T! Sending your love away can only result in pain and distress. Someone else might open their arms, and she or he will be gone forever. Don't take this chance, don't put your love to the test. Keep your love where it belongs - inside your heart. Inprison it if you have to! As long as you know that the feeling is shared by the other, there's no reason why you should open the cage. Keep it there - love is blind and stupid, it cannot have a mind of its own! You gotta take the right decisions and keeping it there is the light to guide you.

Now I'm at peace with my heart. Yes, indeed I am. I was so close to let go my love - once again, I don't remember how many times I've done it - and now I feel like things are the way they should be.

Right now I believe I can dream again, hope again, LIVE AGAIN!

Love has joined faith and hope. The circle is complete. I'm ready to live... :)

Peace&Love to You All!
Razvan (the Wolf)

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