Sunday, August 26, 2007

Here's all...

Waiting for the end of this summer.

We haven't managed to get back together with our band, although Tommy and I have been planning it for two weeks now. I find it hard to believe that the Paladins will ever be whole again. Andy got married in the mean time, Freak is still on the road with his SUN business, and my life's just gone wild since I've started redecorating my home.

Waiting for the beginning of the autumn.

I know things can only be the way we make them, I know that it's almost 100% up to me to make it move, to make it a brand new start, to take the next step. And I don't mean only with this band. For Christ's sake, I'm almost 30 and I feel there's something missing in my life - not only something, but a lot of things. But the most important thing that keeps me on my feet is the fact that I love and I feel loved all the way! Love gives me strength and wings to fly towards tomorrow. And I keep my faith, that is for sure, so that I can be inspired and led to the light.

...and stuck in the middle, in a moment out of time!

Speak the words I need to hear, show me the path and make me believe I have what it takes to follow it, and make my spirit revive and rejoice! Show me there's more than the eye meets, that there's a whole new world waiting for me and that, as long as I believe there's a God up there, I don't have to fear any evil.

I'll be waiting.....................


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