Tuesday, April 08, 2008


April 8th, 2008...a day like any other, yet something changed today. I cannot identify exactly what is different now, but I simply feel that a change has occured deep down inside.

Let's start by reviewing what has happened since my last post. Alina and I are planning to get married, I proposed on her on new year's eve and she said "Yes". I am very happy that things seem to move with her beside me. She makes me want for more, rises the ambition in me and makes me see new possibilities. But one of the most important things is the fact that she does not let me linger. She knows how to make me get up and move. And that's precisely what I need in life - someone or something to make me take the next step. For example - right now we are considering buying a car...thrilling, right?

I feel once again a little confused about my professional life. Apart from some successes that the company has recognized by awarding me with the "Dream team" distinction and a free, all-expenses paid trip to Egypt - which, by the way, was wonderful, I must confess. But right now things are not as good as they should be. The steps I have taken in the last months have not brought the expected results. OK, I cannot complain, things are just fine right now, but I feel the somehow there's a feeling of discontent between me and my job at this point. But maybe I'm just having a bad day, that's all...I am glad that my ex-colleague from college, Viki Veress, is calling me from time to time to work with her as an interpreter. This makes me particualry happy, the only problem is that it happes quite rarely...But I feel apreciated and I myself feel that I do a good job on this!

On the other hand, Soizic, the girl I've been pen-pal with since high school, is coming this summer, in august, to visit me for the second time. And this time she'll come with her husband Didier, which is a very, I mean very funny guy! I can hardly wait to see them both, after two years (in 2006 it was me who paid them a visit in France - very nice country indeed!). You know, she's one of the few friends that I've kept in touch with for so many years...15 years and counting. It's a lot to be said about this subject, but I guess I'll leave it for later.

Last but not least, a few words about the band - and yes, the Paladins still exist! Although this week I've performed for a colleague in eta2u with Freak, I've lost any hope that he'd be joining us sooner or later. He likes playing from time to time, but he's no enthousiastic, that's for sure. Or maybe he's too much for a family man? Nevertheless, Tommy and I will keep playing. Yes, we will!

In the end - I wish for peace. Once again. I wish to be in good health and to see the day when I will rest. I feel that life is sometimes overwhelming, but I know God is on my side ahd He'll help me whenever I need it.

Peace and Love to You!


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