Saturday, October 14, 2006

Home at last

Good evening,

After a month of absence, here I am back to Resita, to my parent's house. It feels so cosy, so warm, home, I am sure you all know this feeling. It's like nothing matters outside, since you are home again, with your loved ones, and you feel like you've come under a shelter from all things that could possibly harm you. You feel like you belong here. You feel you are welcome here. You feel loved here...

My visits to my parents have been more and more rare since I got the job at ETA2U in Timisoara. Since then, it's been so many weeks I haven't spoken to them, and I know they must be feeling lonely sometimes. I miss them too, but sometimes I am too busy or too tired to think about it. But what makes me mad is the fact that I know that someday I shall regret that I haven't passed more time with them, the fact that I sometimes preferred staying in Timisoara and doing something else rather than spending a weekend with them...

You can see above a picture of them, it's a picture taken about one year ago... Yeah, smoking IS a bad habit, what can I say! :) Anyway, they were so glad to have their both sons at home for a weekend. I brought along my keyboard, and I played a little bit for them. They have been thrilled to hear me. Of course they were, after all it's their son we're talking about right? :)
Andy, our band-mate has called me today, saying that he arranged for us to record two songs in a professional studio. Jesus, that sounds great! But I still have some doubts about that, since we haven't been able to meet for about a month or so, and I fear our future is a little uncertain. Well, we'll see about that...Tommy said he's been talking to Cristi "Freak" and the later said he would speak to his wife about his continuing to play with the band. He's been reluctant to inform her so far, because he'd been promising her to quit playing with us. However, he loves playing with our band, and I feel there's no way he could keep his promise! That was the reason why he couldn't come to the rehearsals with us, since he couldn't find a reason to leave home on Sundays. I know it sounds a little bit strange, but that's us...The Paladins!
Moreover, we need to have our own songs. So far we've been working on our first single "Never let me go", but I'm not very happy with the sound of that, or maybe we just need to work a little more on it. Anyway, we need to speed up the whole thing, if we want to record something - because at this moment, we're only playing other bands' songs (Guns n'Roses, Nightwish, Cargo etc.). But I would surely love to have our own CD, a CD recorded in a studio - you know it helps a lot, it's a whole different sound and you can work a little bit on your voice, on equalizers etc. But the greatest challenge is Raul, our drummer. He's an absolute beginner in this business and he's having a hard time learning to play the drums. One of the most important assets of our band is, undoubtably, Tommy. He's been very helpful when composing our new song, he cand play the guitar and he's OK with the drums. He's got a good voice, although he lacks self-confidence.
Anyway...Monday I'm going back to work and I feel it's gonna be a tough day. I'm still enjoying the last hours of my vacations, with my parents, trying to grasp the best of it.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to comment...any words would be appreciated :)
Peace&Love to You All!

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soizic said...

J'adore cette photo de tes parents ;-) c'est vraiment eux et ils sont supers. Je sais qu'ils doivent être plus que ravis quand tu rentres à la maison pour passer du temps avec eux. Félicitation aussi pour le groupe et les enregistrements en studio. Je croise les doigts pour que ça se fasse et aussi pour que la femme de ton ami ne s'oppose pas à ce qu'il reste dans le groupe. A bientôt. bisous Soiz'