Monday, October 09, 2006

On vacation...back to school

Good evening,

Well I know you are a little surprised by the title above, but believe it or not, it is true. I got a week of vacation so that I can go back to continue my studies at the faculty - Communication and PR at the University POLITEHNICA Timisoara...

First impression? Hell on Earth! I mean, staying in the classroom with one eye on the cell telephone, so that the customers and the colleagues are able to reach you. Besides, they're all overloaded with work, as it is a period of high activity, and they are having a hard time finding a little space for my clients too...That's just the way it is, but it seems so unfair the fact that you just can't leave behind your work, not even for a week. Although I am sure that they could manage without calling me, since they did while I was away, in France, where I could not be contacted by telephone for 10 days. Anyway...nevermind.

School seems to be same old, nothing much has changed. Right now they are no longer focused on translation, which can be a good thing; however, I will have to pass some exams from the 1st and 2nd year, a thing I shall have to check later on. The subjects are quite different from what they used to be 5 years ago (Jesus, already 5 years gone?), and they seem more business-focused. However, it remains to be seen at the seminars, if they shall bring any good in my training as a PR specialist.

My school mates are OK - mostly girs ha ha ha! - and they have made a good first impression on me (hope it's the same the other way too :) ). They seem to be willing to help me with the courses I shall surely skip in the future, which can only be a good thing.

Right now I feel like I have been working all day long, or even more tired - I'll get used to it, no doubt.

There is another thing that has made me go nuts: two of my band's members - the same two as usual, Andy and Cristi FREAK - have failed to appear at the rehearsal yesterday, although we've been planning it for almost one month. I've taken back home my keyboard and will reconsider my future with them. I'm gonna give them one more chance; after that, it will be over. I also feel sorry for Raul, because he has bought himself a set of drums (and they were not very cheap, you can imagine!), and right now, if he can't continue playing with us, he would have bought them for nothing!

That's about it - not one of my greatest days, but it will take more than that to get me down! But I'm thinking about what I would like to have for diner tonight - "une quiche"!

Pour les connaisseurs... :))

Peace& Love to You All!

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Alina said...

Great job!!! I'm proud that you have decided to continue your studies.
It ain't gonne be easy at all, and I'm telling you this from my experience, not to disappoint you, but I know your ambition and I know you. It will be a challenge as you said, but in the end it gaves you a great feeling. It will be smthg that you have done for you and for your future.

About your band...the things will be ok as long you try to to smthg in that direction. Belive in your collegues, belive in your passion for music and first of all belive in you.

Good luck!!!